Some Chicks, A Potato and A Really Nice Day

You can literally watch chicks grow.  Their little feathers popping out everywhere, replacing their fuzzy coat.

We will have them all named by the end of the week…at least by the weekend…definitely by Monday…


Group Shot (mostly, 8 out of 10)








This one actually has a name… Rocky, the Columbian Rock Cross







No name yet…she’s a Plymouth Barred Rock



Chicken Arm/Wing Pit




This is Potato…What’s Up?



What’s Down?




The weather here in Cincy this winter has been craaazy.  Negative degrees, then a few days later, 40-50’s.  Sunny one day, then the view out the window looks like a snow globe exploded.  The other day it was in the high 60’s and apparently the boys decided to set camp down the hill.  I hated to ruin it with yelling “dinnnnnner” out the window.




here chicky chicky chickies

This past year or so was a murderous year for our flock.  We had seven to start and then we added three copper marans.  Then lost all the marans ( posted under No Mo Flo).   Then slowly but surely we lost five more.  Racoon, Fox, and the very determined Red Tailed Hawk.  

Only Bonnie, the Black Australorp and Pickles, the Americana remain.   

This past Wednesday, however, I picked up my order of new chicks from Mt.Healthy Hatchery. I forgot how small and fluffy they are at first. Four Americanas, two Buff Orpingtons, two Black Australorps, one Columbian Rock Cross, and one Plymonth Barred Rock.





The last brooder we used was something my husband made out of plywood. This time I ordered a puppy play pen from Amazon. ( I saw this suggestion on a blog I follow, but unfortunately, can not remember which one).

It’s great! It even has a zippered mesh top…one of our cats is very interested in the fluffy chicks.

Hello?…is this thing on?

Wow!  I’m amazed its been months (and months) since my last post.  I did get a bit burnt out with gardening, the flock, canning, cleaning…you know, stuff like that.

These last several snowy, truly winter months have definitely given me a rest, and better appreciation/attitude toward whats to come.  Spring is really around the corner.  Yay!

Over the next several weeks, I will do my best to catch up some highlights from last year, as well as move forward into this year 🙂

Also, these posts will be synced with my new Facebook page…soon!

What time is it…It’s grape time!

Almost a year to the date, it’s grape juice making time again. Mmmmm…grape juice.
This time…1)got more grapes and 2)added more sugar.
Ten quarts of grape juice barely made a dent in the walmart bag filled with Ma&Pa’s Concord grapes I schlepped across the state. I’m currently thinking of make grape jelly with the remaining (we’ll see).

But at least the cobwebs have been knocked off the canner. It’s also canning time.



Lets Ask Gary…Bug #6
This guy was just hanging out on a zucchini leaf.


Cucumbers and Pickles

The Mexican Sour Gherkin

Looking like teeny tiny watermelons, their distinctive light and dark green “rinds” do stand out.
The Mexican Sour Gherkin (Melothria scabra) is an heirloom native to Mexico and Central America, where it’s known as Sandita (little watermelon).

Overall, it just a bizarre little veggie.
Vining up to 10 FT, these babies definitely add interest to your garden.
It does, however, take forever to grow. Weeks and weeks later, it finally takes off, with tendrils climbing everywhere.
And weeks after that, little bitty ‘melons’ start to appear.

Finally, we get to try one….

Yowza!!! They don’t call it ‘sour’ for nothing, folks. It’s got a bite to it

It’s a cucamelon!! ( without anything to do with melons)




Between the Gherkins, the Lemon, the Dragon Egg and the Boston cucumbers, You can only eat so many, and give so many cucumbers away until they start piling up….then it’s pickle time.

I’ll try to pickle the Gherkins later this week, but atleast I was able to can the rest.