Just gonna jump right in…

Holy garden, it’s been a real long time. Just gonna jump right in…move forward as well as try to play a little catch up….

Sooooo, the next several days I’ll try to multiple entries…here we go

Picked first tomato. It’s an Heinz Heirloom Variety. It’s been growing in my kitchen since February. Not sure if its going in the garden or not. I’ve been thinking of just upgrading its container and putting it on the porch. We’ll see.




gabriel’s place and csa plot

yesterday i was at gabriel’s place for a few hours. the shed in the garden was having a dedication after kids from the community arts center had painted a mural covering the entire shed. from eye sore to a piece of art. it looks fantastic. I also had a moment to weed and pick a few veggies from my plot.



wait…there’s one more garden

i forgot to include one last garden.  i have a plot at Gabriel’s Place (community gardens) that i maintain. its a 3X5 raised bed and whatever is harvested from it goes straight to the community or used in the food kitchen on site.

i went by today to check in on it, and its not doing too badly.  the super sweet cherry tomatoes were just that. tiny tomato balls of sugar.  yum.  there were some carrots also ready.


powdery mildew and bad chickens

i think its the end of my dragon’s egg cucumber.  powdery mildew wins.  Image

also, i just came home to find the girls in the upper garden.  guess they wanted cucumbers and beans for dinner.    i do not have a photo of that…i was too busy yelling and spraying them down with the super soaker 9000.  instead, i have one of the ‘new girls.’  this is vera and flo.


this is alice, although, i usually call her ‘little girl’


another mistake?

i picked a few of the green zebra tomatoes from the upper garden because i noticed they were turning reddish.  green zebras do not turn red…however, the violet jasper tomatoes, cousin to the zebra, do.  nuts.  did i mislabel the seeds when i planted them?  i was so careful.  other than that, i guess i should check to see if a branch of the violet jasper grew through the green zebra cage and i just didn’t noticed when i picked it (wishful hoping).

green zebra (i think)


what i thought was green zebra’s…


the harvest so far

slowly but surely we have been picking vegetables out of the gardens.  i’ll just attach photos, instead of listing everything.






the garden at the shop

the final garden is at the shop.  two 4×20 raised beds.  they both have tomatoes and corn planted in them.  i don’t think the corn is doing to well, so i will probably plant another crop of beans in its place.