Strawberries & Rhubarb for reals

Yay for us!!! We finally get strawberries. Not like I got to eat one or two, but like “holy crap, go get me another container”. We all were able to snack as we, (I mean I) picked, had some for breakfast, and still have some left for strawberry rhubarb bars ( see below).
And don’t forget, We’ll have to pick again tomorrow. Yay!!

Day One

Day Three

Day Six




And…we finally have rhubarb. We probably had it last year, but the chickens kept getting in the bed and leveling it…so honestly, I just didn’t bother. But screw’em this year, fencing up, and plenty of rhubarb. Thought about making a pie, but my neighbor sent me her rhubarb crumb top bar recipe…much better idea


One of each

Hope everyone is having a good three day weekend. We BBQ’d our ribs yesterday and hotdog & chicken sausage tonight.. Didn’t eat until 9:30, but it was still good. ( oops).

Just a quick one tonight… Added to our ‘herd’ today. One boy and one girl. Now we’re back up to four cats. Jury’s still out on names. Will let you know when we finalize names. Right now the girl is ‘Pita’. (She came with it).




Potatoes and Strawberries

I’m not sure when it was, maybe late March, early April, but we were in Sam’s club and we were wondering around and I saw a bag of seed potatoes for sale. Probably one of the few times I’ve been swayed to purchased something due to packaging. Simple brown gift type bag with very clear images of what was inside….must…have…now. In the cart it went. Of course the Adirondack Blue variety of potato on the cover didn’t help.
Anywho (take a breath), we got them planted today…yay.
Most of the potatoes I cut up into quarters and set out for a few days. Some were fairly small so I just left them whole ( as the photo will show).






The strawberries, which for the first 2 years were basically food for the bleepn’ bleepn’ chipmunks. They’d wait for the strawberry to be almost ripe, take a big bite and then leave the rest of berry as one more middle finger to the stupid humans. So in the fall/winter of 2011, I said no more…well…I actually said many other things ( go ahead, take few guesses).
We moved all the the strawberries to a raised bed on the opposite side of the upper wall garden. We bought more plants as well as were given plants from our neighbors cool front yard strawberry patch ( thanks Natalie 🙂
And then….we put a lid on it! Boom! Climb, chew, crawl your way through that, you cheeky little bastards…stay out of my fracking strawberries.
Lets just say I got berries last year and we were able to eat and make jam.
The first picture is from last year.
The next picture is one of our 3 covered strawberry “patches”.




This is the first strawberry of the season!!

Asparagus, asparagus…yum yum

We have been working on our asparagus patch for the last six+ years. It was in the upper garden for the first 4-5 years. They were barely even producing enough to snack on…they were also planted right in the middle of the upper garden. So, we dug them up and transplanted them to the raised bed garden along the wall of the upper garden. (With the exception of one plant that got left behind…and it grows just fine).
It took two years for the transplants to settle in but they are now doing great and we are finally able to harvest enough to snack off, and have with dinner … Yay!

Earlier this year I cleared out the the other side of the bed and planted 20 new plants.





Just gonna jump right in…

Holy garden, it’s been a real long time. Just gonna jump right in…move forward as well as try to play a little catch up….

Sooooo, the next several days I’ll try to multiple entries…here we go

Picked first tomato. It’s an Heinz Heirloom Variety. It’s been growing in my kitchen since February. Not sure if its going in the garden or not. I’ve been thinking of just upgrading its container and putting it on the porch. We’ll see.