Strawberries & Rhubarb for reals

Yay for us!!! We finally get strawberries. Not like I got to eat one or two, but like “holy crap, go get me another container”. We all were able to snack as we, (I mean I) picked, had some for breakfast, and still have some left for strawberry rhubarb bars ( see below).
And don’t forget, We’ll have to pick again tomorrow. Yay!!

Day One

Day Three

Day Six




And…we finally have rhubarb. We probably had it last year, but the chickens kept getting in the bed and leveling it…so honestly, I just didn’t bother. But screw’em this year, fencing up, and plenty of rhubarb. Thought about making a pie, but my neighbor sent me her rhubarb crumb top bar recipe…much better idea


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