Carrots and Swiss Chard

Very busy and productive weekend in the gardens. Tomatoes finally getting transplanted. Beans, peas, onions and carrots going in…pictures tomorrow .
And speaking of carrots, the following picture is what it looks like after you plant your carrot seed, go inside the house and a bad chicken decides to take a dirt bath in the same carrot bed.

I replanted the carrots… after fixing the bed, but not before throwing a hanger out the window at chicken while yelling.
Yeah, I’m 12…

The first planting of carrots we did was much earlier this year when the hoop house was still up. We’re just now harvesting those carrots.






We also started the “gosh, it grows so well, you can’t kill, and it looks so cool” Swiss Chard.
Unfortunately, it tastes like dirt. I’m up for any new recipe anyone has for Swiss Chard. I wanna like. I can grow it in between the cracks of our rock wall, so we’ve got the growing part if it down.
I just transplanted half the crop to the front flower bed 1) for looks and 2) for neighbors to help themselves. (The chard is on the far left in the first picture.)




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