And we’re back…And holy moly what is it?!?

Yes it has been a looong while, so I’ll just jump right back into it.

I’ll post pictures off all my gardens soon.  I’m still trying to get all my tomatoes in the ground. This weekend will be a major jam session to get things done.

Here’s a few of some things that are starting to produce

spinachDSC06831 mustard, zucchini and cucumbersDSC06818  radish   DSC06824 onionsDSC06825 garlicDSC06826   more zucchiniDSC06830   red onions and peppersDSC06839

GARY!!!!!!!!!!! aka Ask Gary

What the heck are these things and should I get rid of them?

(they’re only one my tomatillo plant)


and what the heck is this