Farm and Berries – Day 1

About two weeks after our last farm visit, we managed to get back there and check on all those unripe berries we saw.
Yay! Most were ready to be picked.
Boo! I think there were as many thorns, wild rose, and poison ivy as berries…all mixed together…and it was 90 degrees out.
But between myself, my two boys, and my dad, we were getting berries.

On the way to pick berries.




There were red raspberries and blackberries. Mostly raspberries.


Everyone was very hot, sweaty and scratched up. So glad the watermelon had been refrigerated all day.


After we all cooled down, the boys help pick broccoli. Unlike the broccoli they were picking from their garden, these broccoli heads were ginormous. (But I guess if you don’t have chicken pecking at them constantly your broccoli plants would grow a little better.)



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