Farm and Berries – Day 2

And on the second day…I was tired.
I assumed we were done picking berries, but the boys said they were up for more. So, back out we went, for one hour of picking.
Yay! The first (and only) stop was the mother load. One one side were very ripe red raspberries.
One the other side, blackberries.
I froze all the berries to transport home. One tray at a time.

And you would think after picking the hot sun the boys would be done…nope, they were ready to move hay and clean the loose hay from the barn (and pick up bugs they found).




Lets Ask Gary…Bug #3

The boys found a bunch (yuk) of caterpillars crawling around the yard and up the side of garage and silo. We finally figured out they were dropping out of the hickory nut tree (more yuk).
What are they?



1 thought on “Farm and Berries – Day 2

  1. Bug #3:
    Walnut caterpillar, Datana integerrima. Caterpillar host plants: Walnut, hickories and pecan. Periodic outbreaks last for one to several seasons. Extensive infestations can result in near complete defoliation of hosts. When this occurs, the caterpillars may move from the trees and cluster on sides of buildings. Gary


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