here chicky chicky chickies

This past year or so was a murderous year for our flock.  We had seven to start and then we added three copper marans.  Then lost all the marans ( posted under No Mo Flo).   Then slowly but surely we lost five more.  Racoon, Fox, and the very determined Red Tailed Hawk.  

Only Bonnie, the Black Australorp and Pickles, the Americana remain.   

This past Wednesday, however, I picked up my order of new chicks from Mt.Healthy Hatchery. I forgot how small and fluffy they are at first. Four Americanas, two Buff Orpingtons, two Black Australorps, one Columbian Rock Cross, and one Plymonth Barred Rock.





The last brooder we used was something my husband made out of plywood. This time I ordered a puppy play pen from Amazon. ( I saw this suggestion on a blog I follow, but unfortunately, can not remember which one).

It’s great! It even has a zippered mesh top…one of our cats is very interested in the fluffy chicks.

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