just some photos and goings on

even though my tomatoes are just now producing, i feel like summer is gone and i’m already behind on fall plantings. it seems like i’m never caught up (of course, all the emails from the seed companies reminding you of that, doesn’t help). i know i should be thinking about planting garlic for next year…but didn’t i just harvest this years? moving on… i already cleared an area of the upper garden of its summer bounty. the black beans and green beans have been picked, and their beds have just been planted with soy beans and rat’s tail radish.


the poblano peppers are doing fantastic. they are so green and shiny. they seem to really kick it in gear as we move into fall. i’ll be picking and roasting some of them next week.


the christmas limas beans are coming along, although, by the time the beans have turn their red and white color, they are a bit tough. fun to snack on while in the garden, which explains why we usually do not have enough to cook and serve with dinner. the boys prefer them raw anyway.


the marconi peppers are also coming along. we’ve picked some red ones, but have yet to get any of the orange ones. i think they will also produce well as we head toward the fall.




found a volunteer cucumber plant in the front yard. if you look to the bottom right, you will see one.


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