grapes and grapes

while visiting family last week, we also made it home with a big bag of grapes…(whether i wanted them or not).  these are grapes from my grandparents grape vines that have been there as long as i can remember.  these are the kind of grapes that,  as a kid you think, ” whoa, look how many there are…i’m going to eat the crap out of them,” and then you realized that they are full of seeds and a bit tart.  so, you bite into them anyway, swallow the juice, and spit out everything else.  so, what to do with what we brought home…and hell no, i’m not making jam/jelly.  instead, i remember grandma rufener making grape juice.  the coveted quart jars of sweet sugary grape juice with the funky looking grapes floating in them.  the ‘if you timed it right’, you could take home a jar after a visit to the farm.  

so, thats what i decided to make.  a cup of grapes in the bottom of quart jars, sugar and water.  threw them in the canner, and crossed my fingers.  and when i finally opened up one of the processed cans, i  said “holy s**t”!  the smell was unmistakably familiar.  however…after drinking it, it was light on sugar/sweetness ( even by our low sugar standards). not too bad, but just not the ‘my teeth hurt’ amount of sugar i’m sure was used in previous batches.





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