okra, anyone?

for the last 3 years, i have planted okra.  the 5ft+ plants with cool hibiscus flowers. some green, some red.  just an overall cool and interesting plant.  and it would be even better if one could just eat it off the plant.  by the way…NEVER eat it right off the plant.  you make that mistake once.  i liken it to eating glass.  odd tidbit, eating raw taro leaves has the same effect… (ask me how i know).  anywho, its one of those foods you grow and end up asking your self, what the hell am i going to do with all this?  well, after giving it away, i stir fry it with garlic and tomatoes, and serve it over mash potatoes, or, bread it in corn meal, and either ‘fry’ it in olive oil or bake it, and of course, give more away.  i did cut it up, bread it and freeze it last year.  which just reminded me, its still in the freezer. hmm. i suppose there’s always pickling it… not so much




3 thoughts on “okra, anyone?

  1. I am from the Caribbean- my grandmom and mom used to slice them in the morning then put them outside to dry to get rid of the slime. By dinner time (around 4 pm) it would be dry. Cut up a small potato and dry the okra and potato in hot oil, a piece of garlic and a little onion, salt and pepper.

    google ‘fried ochro’ and you will see other variations.


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