black beans and brussels sprouts

the black beans are almost done.  i picked a few today.  eventually the entire plant will have dried bean pods on them and i’ll take the whole plant and beat it into a can…so the dried bean fall out.


i decided to pull the brussels sprouts.  they were covered with cross-striped cabbage moth larvae and cabbage loopers.  they had really done some damage to the foliage.  I was picking them off by hand (daily) and feeding them to the chickens, but after being gone for a couple of days, i lost the battle.  i could have sprayed them, but had made the decision a few years ago to have ‘no spray’ gardens.  (which is way i gave up on growing broccoli.  even after constantly picking off cabbage loopers, i would still find what was left of them after boiling or microwaving the broccoli…yuk)


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