getting my fix with soy

the soys beans are ready.  the plants had fallen over a few times due to the (very few) storms we had this summer, but, they still did really well.  we decided to harvest half of them this morning.  only half you ask…the boys were helping and by the time they got to the third plant, all the fun was sucked right out of it.  we will, and by that i mean i will, finish picking the pods off the plants tonight. we’ll be eating edamame for a while. the rest i will blanch and then put them into bags for the freezer.



the benefit of the soy plants is the great job they do at fixing nitrogen back into the soil. i usually cut the plant stalk at the soil line and leave the roots where they are.  with the boys helping, they were all about pulling the whole plant out of the ground…then removing the nitrogen fixing nodules from the roots and throwing back to the ground.


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