zucchini and tomatoes

you can only take so much grilled zucchini and zucchini bread, and then you just wish your plants would die.  mine were looking a little sad until this last ‘storm’ which blew the plants over, and now they are regrowing/reblooming exponentially. but, in the meanwhile, my dad gave me two huge zucs from his garden.  what to do…what to do?  i quartered them so they would fit into the food processor, cut the seeds out, and then shredded the lot.  i froze 4 quarts and then made double chocolate zucchini bead with the rest.  chocolate makes everything better!



tomatoes are starting ripen.  i thought i planted all paste varieties in the lower garden.  i picked some of the jersey giants yesterday, but they are not suppose to look like the photo below.  now i need to figure out what these are.  (another mistake)


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