It’s been awhile…

yes…it has been while.  the onslaught of seed catalogs has been fun for a bit, but then, like everything, it just turn to work.  but, i not only placed my order, i have received my seeds from Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I waited too long and of course, they were out of the Blue Berry Blend Tomato…check it out…




so much odds and ends have gone on since the end of fall, but for now, i would just like to share that we lost another chicken.  poor, Maple.  the red tailed hawk lurking around for days finally won.  only a large pile of her feathers were left.  she was so sweet.  she was the only americauna we had that laid blue eggs.Image

this is around the same time last year that we had to fortify the chickens and build them a run to the lower garden and enclose them for a month or two until the trees and shrubs began to green up. so, today we built them a run down the hill so the hawk cannot grab another girl.  the chickens are a little confused, but i’m thinking aren’t they aways …and this way i still get eggs, not feathers







the run end into a 18’X 18′ enclosure that can hang out in.

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