sweet potatoes

the sweet potatoes were one of the several vertical plantings i experimented with this year.  (especially after they took over the lower garden last year).  a lot of green, but only a little ‘fruit’.  too much nitrogen…and, now i know.  i planted this years sweet potatoes in the upper wall garden ( a long, but narrow raised bed).  they did fantastic.

this is from the beginning of the season


not the greatest pic, but in the middle of the photo you can see the tops of the sweet potato plants.  guess, i forgot to take follow up shots as the plants grew…this the best i have.  the taller plants to either side are the lima beans.Image



this is just part of the harvest, i had already taken some up the hill to dry in the sun.

next year i am going to find another location to grow them…and try to double what i planted this year.

i have already planted another blackberry bush in part of the sweet potato location

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