eek…been awhile

gardens are still a going…just ran out of time to blog about them.  fall is definitely here and everything is still trying to produce.  i did pull the eggplants (whether it was their time or not).

the ‘herb’ garden in the front of the house looks good.  i will take cuttings from the rosemary, sage,  thyme and curry this week, to dry in the kitchen.  the swiss chard has just been used for chicken fodder this year. my coveted bay plant is a slooow grower, but i knew that when i got them, just not sure if i should dig it up or just protect it this winter.


the al-kuffa tomatoes that were planted are still doing great.  they’re such an odd plant. compact plant with dark leaves and almost perfect fruit. the one in the picture was picked last week.


the lower garden = tomatoes





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