basil and tomatoes

i’ve been looking at the basil plants for a few weeks now, wondering when i would get around to picking it.  i decided to ‘go for it’ this evening, knowing full well i would then be making pesto.  i don’t think it’s just me…but basil starts to smell like licorice about half way into harvesting.  

plant of left has been trimmed and one one right is next (and if you look to the bottom left, there’s delenn the hen, below hoping i’ll toss a tomato down to her)



after i have washed and dried the basil leaves



i took a picture of the pesto just before i put it into the freezer…but it looked horribly unappetizing.  maybe it will look better after it freezes.


i also canned the tomatoes from the other day.  orange icicles, violet jasper, and rio grande roma’s.


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