lima bean, o lima bean

I have finally managed to grow enough lima beans so the boys can snack on them  (right of the vine), and, actually have enough to make it inside for dinner.  this year i grew the heirloom variety ‘christmas.’  the bean is red and white marbled, and apparently, hold some of their color when steamed…which ends up being kinda gross (grayish color with a hint of pink…my first though was ‘brains’).  i think next year i may skip the lima’s, or at the least go back to the ‘king of the garden’.  by the way, i switched a few years back from the bush type to the pole type ( and there are not a lot of choices for the pole type) because the bush kind attracted slugs…lots of slugs.

i have two tee pee’s set up for the lima beans.  the one below, i was trying to make look like a person.  he’s sort of gotten away from me.



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