back home/here come the tomatoes

leave for a few days and you can really see the changes in your garden.  there were  tomatoes in the lower garden ready to be picked.  we filled up a small laundry basket with them.  i probably should have weighed the basket seeing how the handle was bending.  i am going to guess it was @ 10lbs.  not quite enough for me to bust out the canner, but enough to cover part of the table and start bagging some up for friends and neighbors.  i think this weekend i’ll either can them as whole tomatoes or i will make a marinara/spaghetti sauce.  the orange icicle paste tomatoes have yet to ripen, but when the do, i’ll make ketchup…mmm, orange ketchup.    

i did use last years pesto sauce, this years basil and the yet undetermined tomato on our pizzas this evening.  the crust is whole wheat, not burnt, i swear.








i’ve had some success with morning glories this year.  i came across an heirloom variety last september … ‘grandpa otts’. sagan and alice were helping with the black raspberries (in the background).




lastly, today is our wedding anniversary.  we have known each other for 22, been together for 20, and married for 10.  you bet i got me a cake!  it was the same type of cake we had for our wedding.  i only asked that they put ‘happy anniverary’ on it.  imagine my surprise when i opened the box and saw this…



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