random photo(s) type of day

i sent an email to rareseeds.com (which is where i order my heirloom seeds) last night. after going through all my seeds, i am convinced that the jersey giant packet of seeds i ordered, and planted, were miss labeled.  still waiting to here back from them.  i do like whatever is growing, so maybe at least i can get them identified.


sort of kinda purple tomatillos.  they are not really purple at all.  the purple on the top of the pile was picked 3-4 days ago, then started to turn.  not sure what is going on with them.  there are also 2 purple jalapenos in that bowl.  more black than purple. oh well.


copper maran eggs are still small, but they are getting darker in color.


rosita eggplant.  love it!


a little of everything.  tomatillos (not purple), violet jasper, the orangish tomato is the west virginia mt. princess, not so purple jalpenos, and a green zebra ( which is definitely yellow and green).


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